Safety Testing

Traditional name safety testing methods are notorious for being cumbersome & unpredictable.

SafeMark’s Power of 3 Methodology provides a flexible step-by-step alternative for your naming needs.

SafeMark’s Power of 3 Methodology is revolutionizing the industry by transforming traditional and cumbersome safety tactics into three simplified and sequential steps. This streamlined process logically funnels names through rigorous testing and increasingly difficult levels of scrutiny ensuring only the safest names are the recommended options.

SafeMark’s analyzes name candidates as they are going to be utilized in practice – among medical professionals in the most common medical-use processes. The names will be evaluated by individuals in the relevant countries (i.e. U.S., Canada, EU 5, and Japan).

Power of 3 Methodology

The Power of 3 Methodology utilizes three simple and sequential steps: 1) PreMark- preliminary review; 2) RxSim- simulation study; and 3) ProMark- final review of risk assessment and commercial research.

The result: a transparent, efficient, and comprehensive process for name safety testing.

The Power of 3 Methodology is applicable for all types of name safety testing including….

  • Brand Name Trade Name/Proprietary Name/ Invented Name
  • Brand Name + Modifier
  • Medical Device Name
  • Drug + Device Combination Name
  • Biologic/Vaccine
  • Vaccine
  • Nonproprietary Name (USAN/INN)
  • Dual Proprietary Names
  • Over-the-Counter Name
  • Class Name
  • Animal Health Product