Dyan M. Rowe Davis, B.S. Pharm., R.Ph., J.D.

Unlike many in the branding arena, Dyan’s experience and education in pharmacy and law provides clients with a review that is from both a regulatory and marketing perspective. As a pharmacist with over two decades of experience, Dyan provides clients with a practical review of each name candidate undergoing evaluation for healthcare offerings.

“The evaluation of names for likelihood of confusion is progressively changing in a response to growing safety and promotional concerns by global regulatory agencies. As President of SafeMark, I have the opportunity to share over twenty years of pharmaceutical, legal, and branding experience with a variety of clients in the pharmaceutical & healthcare industries. “Dyan M. Rowe Davis

Additional Achievements:

• Published author
– Medication Errors (American Pharmacists Association Annual Conference, American Society of Pharmacy Law Contributing Paper)

• Public speaker
– Healthcare Fraud & Abuse (Duquesne University Law & Ethics Symposium)
– Trends with the FDA regarding trade name development and approval process (K & L Gates sponsored Trademark Seminar)

While at Brand Institute (BI), and Drug Safety Institute (DSI), a subsidiary of BI, Dyan provided expert advice for global healthcare clients in brand strategy, regulatory, market and safety research. For almost a decade, she served both internal and external roles. Internally, Dyan managed teams of healthcare, regulatory, market research and information technology professionals that developed methodologies reflecting trends and the regulatory guidelines of U.S., Canadian, European, and Asian agencies. Her external functions included presenting data findings and working with clients on their submission strategy regarding timing and name selection. Over the years, she successfully worked with clients on unique assignments such as creating a study in response to a regulatory rejection, developing a comparison study for OTC product naming, conducting a public health study to explore dual proprietary naming and designing trade dress research.

Client Experience:

Throughout her extensive career, Dyan’s regulatory review and expert advice has been utilized by branding agencies on hundreds of brand and generic naming projects for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry including Novartis, Janssen, GlaxoSmithKline, and Teva.